Allow clients to receive their tax refund in crypto with CoinRT

As crypto becomes more popular, taxpayers will be interested in knowing where they can fund their refund in crypto.

Works with the leading tax software

Low fees for any
refund amount

CoinRT runs on our Refund Transfers platform, so our fees are low regardless of your refund amount.

Use any tax software
with CoinRT

There is no special integration needed to receive your tax refund in crypto. Once your client arrives at the direct deposit section of their return, they’ll enter the unique routing and account number that we assign to you.

Offer the most
popular crypto wallets

We’ll send your refund directly to your crypto wallet. Once the IRS receives their refund, simply give us the address, and we’ll send it on its way.

How does CoinRT work?

Engage taxpayers who prefer crypto

Discover taxpayers who use crypto, and get them to process their refund with you in bitcoin.

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