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Grow Your Tax Business With Strategy
Grow Your Tax Business With Strategy

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Stay Consistent With Text Marketing

Stay consistent and
add value throughout
the year

Stay consistent and add value throughout the year

Choose a specific niche and share how you can solve their specific tax problems. Learn their problems, and consistently share advice, so that you build trust with potential clients.

Improve retention
and referrals with a powerful text strategy

Did you know that 98% of texts are read within an hour? Share special offers, referrals, tax office updates, business info and holiday greetings throughout the year with text marketing

Improve retention with Refundo Text marketing
Refundo Design Service

Improve your social media marketing with engaging designs

Choose from a variety of unique marketing displays

Access over 125 Free marketing posts for your tax business the moment you enroll in our dashboard, and take it a step further by working with our team of designers to personalize your entire tax business into eye-catching images that you can share across social media.

Enhance your marketing presence
on Google, Facebook,
and Linkedin

Enhance your presence on Google, Facebook, and Linkedin

Learn simple ways to increase your relevance on these platforms, and start using them to attract more people to your tax business.

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