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Leverage Leading Tax Marketing Strategies

Learn how to implement tried-and-tested strategies, incorporate the latest marketing materials and download our 2023 tax marketing content calendar.

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Marketing kit

Free Marketing Resources For Your Tax Office

Enroll in our Refund Transfer Program to equip the next-level resources that’ll make your tax marketing stand out from the crowd.

Printed Marketing Materials for Tax Offices

Use our marketing material to attract new customers to your tax office

Digital Ads for Web and Social

Access digital ads for social media when you sign up with Refundo

English and Spanish Ads

Use our marketing material from within our Dashboard to showcase your services

Personalized Direct Mail Ads (Postcards)

Use direct mail to help increase lead generation during tax season

Digital Marketing Library

Enroll in our Refund Transfer Program to equip the next-level resources that’ll make your tax marketing stand out from the crowd.

Attract New Clients With Strategic Messaging

We create digital ads specially-designed to tackle common taxpayer challenges.

Refund advance digital post collection
Refund transfer video collection in our Refundo Dashboard

Engage Clients With Video

Your website is an extension of your business and with Refundo’s platform, you can make it just that. Having a code-free platform means drag and dropping your website to your liking, hassle-free!

How it works

It’s This Easy to Use

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Marketing growth

We’re The All-In-One Tax Marketing Platform

Refundo offers tax marketing solutions aimed to generate more customers for your business

Get Your Own Branded Tax Website

Choose from a wide variety of pre-designed templates and have your website up and running in minutes.
Use Refundo's email marketing campaigns to retain tax clients and generate new ones

Leverage SMS Text and Email Marketing

Send out professionally-written text and email marketing campaigns designed to convert potential clients to paying ones.
Automate your scheduling with our tax marketing solutions

Enjoy Simple Appointment Scheduling

Make it easy for your clients to check your availability and book appointments, which automatically syncs to your calendar.
Automate your refund advance strategy

Improve Retention and Referrals With a Powerful Text Strategy

98% of texts are read within an hour. Utilize this to share special offers, referrals, tax office updates, business info and holiday greetings throughout the year with affordable text marketing.

Improve Your Social Media Marketing By Downloading Our 2023 Tax Content Calendar

Social Media Marketing can feel overwhelming, mainly because it’s always changing. This isn’t only true for tax marketing, but for all industries.

That’s why you should download our FREE Tax Content Calendar, which includes a year’s worth of ideas and strategies that will keep your social media pages fresh and relevant so you can self-promote without taking time away from your business.

We even break down different post categories so it’s easier to understand how to engage with potential clients.

Tax Professional Content Calendar
Sample Refund Advance Advertisement

Enhance Your Marketing Presence on Google, Facebook and Linkedin

Learn simple, yet effective ways to increase your visibility and relevance on popular platforms and start using them to attract more clients to your tax business.

Ready to grow your tax business?

Join the thousands of tax professionals who are already using our tools. Schedule a demo today!

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