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The first minority owned bank product provider in the tax industry.

Roger Chinchilla and Grimaldy Dominguez established Refundo in New York City in 2011. As first generation immigrants who owned and operated tax offices throughout the east coast, they understood a growing concern facing people in their community:

How much do large banks in the tax industry know about serving people in low income communities?
Most Banks are generalists and lack the technology and time to create a strategy that retains and brings in new business each year.
How do we know that?
Well, because that used to be us. We used to have accounting, tax, & financial consulting clients of every size in all different kinds of industries.
But one day, we had an epiphany…
Instead of waiting for banking partners to adapt to new times, we needed to become a bank product provider and solve problems for tax preparers like ourselves.
First we focused on removing All Junk Fees. 
Then, we started shifting some of the workload to help tax pros become more attractive.
We brought back Refund Advances, after they were banned for YEARS.
We created a process that lets you go Virtual with absolutely ZERO effort.
And most recently, we’ve created a marketing library that contains a variety of professionally designed content that you can use to advertise your tax services.
All with just the click of a button…
It’s very difficult to be at the top of your tax game, and also manage the little details of owning a small business.
That’s why we now dedicate Refundo to serving small tax business owners at every stage of their growth cycle.
And here’s the thing…
When you look at how some banking partners offer assistance with refund transfers or advances, they simply have the technology in place to allow the service to happen. 
Don’t you think they should feel a bit responsible with helping you grow that aspect of your business?
This is where we see the biggest disconnect…
They expect tax pros to figure it out, and think that some posters or banners on their storefront will have people pouring in…
When in reality you’re overwhelmed with managing an entire business, and all you really want to focus on is Taxes.
Most tax preparers don’t have the resources, marketing plans, or simple workflows in place to ACTUALLY grow their tax business every year. 
AND it’s time that we change that.

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