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Connect Mobile Tax App

Connecting you with clients, anywhere.

Connect is a customizable mobile app for your tax business.

Connecting you with clients, anywhere.

Connect is a customizable mobile app for your tax business.

Connect Mobile Tax App

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Convenience is key

Connect makes it convenient for your clients to submit their tax info from home, so you grow faster and work smarter. In recent years, the rise in DIY filing forced us to make important decisions. Since our goals are aligned with tax pros, it made sense to find a solution that helped tax pros offer a similar service.

Now tax pros can offer the same convenience with an app of their own, and compete with online tax prep providers and big franchises alike.

Easy to use

We’ve designed the app for taxpayer simplicity.

Taxpayers choose their specific tax scenarios, answer the questions, and submit the info straight to you. They can upload W2’s, 1099’s, Photo ID, and always have a direct line of communication with tax pros via the chat.

Once the tax pro confirms the information, they’ll send a push notification from our Dashboard with a summary of the fees and refund, and the taxpayer signs it right from their phone.

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Customize The Connect Mobile App

Customize your tax app

The mobile app lets you add your office branding, colors, logo, and intro message within minutes. It wasn’t just about creating a generic and functional app. Connect is about showcasing your brand in a unique way and making a lasting impression.

As the tax industry incorporates new and exciting ways to stay relevant, it’s crucial to stay ahead of the curve. Most importantly, it’s important to stay competitive. Start taking ownership of the tools you have available, and provide your clients with an experience they will absolutely love.

Connect directly imports into your tax software

The moment your client submits their tax info, it goes right into our Dashboard. You are now one click away from importing the data into your tax software.

Once tax pros import the info into their software, then they’d handle it like any other return. The goal is to keep finding ways to improve the taxpayer experience while making the lives of tax pros much easier.

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