Refund Advances

Refund advances quickly grab your clients attention

We offer the option of a refund advance in case your clients prefer to access their money now rather than later.

Offer Taxpayers Refund Advances
Offer Taxpayers Refund Advances

Works with the leading tax software

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Refund Advances Attract Clients

Attract more
customers with
refund advances

Instead of waiting for the funds to hit your client’s account, they can access their money the same day. For those who can’t afford to wait, it’s a vital and necessary alternative.

We help provide services like refund advances, so that
customers have the option to wait for their tax refund, or walk away with part of it. By providing advances, customers feel more in control of what works best for them.

Refund advances
keep you competitive

As more franchises offer bigger advances, make sure you’re prepared and not lose potential business because of it.

For instance, big tax franchises use refund advances as the centerpiece of their marketing to attract people in all parts of the country through social media. As more taxpayers begin to expect the option, tax pros need to provide advances or risk losing business to a tax business that does.

Refund Advances Make You Competitive
Refund Advances Approval Rates

High approval rates

By working together and following our guidelines, you’ll be able to ensure every customer is completely satisfied.

Our guidelines are very simple to follow, and ensure that your customers are happy
about the service. If our instructions are met, your customers should have no problem walking away with an advance. There is nothing worse than a customer expecting a refund advance and suddenly not being approved.

Easily print checks
in your tax office

Print refund advance checks in your office for quick and convenient client pick-up.

We’ve made it simple for tax pros to print refund advance checks directly from their office. As a result, tax pros are more efficient in working with their clients.

Print Refund Advance Checks In Your Office

How do refund advances work?

A simple process that is integrated right into
your workflow
A simple process that is integrated right into your workflow
How Refund Advances Work

NOW vs Others

Taxpayer benefits when receiving a Refundo
advance vs an advance from others.
  • Approval timeframe
  • Approval rates
  • Check cashing fee
  • Debt Type
  • Credit Reporting
  • Less than 15 minutes
  • +70%
  • $12 flat fee or less
  • Non-recourse
  • Will not affect your credit report
  • Up to 48 hours
  • Under 40%
  • Avg. 3%
  • Recourse
  • Inquiries reported to credit bureaus

1 ERO approval for the Refundo program does not guarantee approval to offer the NOW Advance. Qualifications will apply. NOW Advance is an optional fixed-term loan offered by Evolve Bank & Trust, Member FDIC. The NOW Advance principal loan amount, applicable interest and any fees will be deducted from federal and state tax refund proceeds. NOW Advance is not an actual federal or state tax refund. Applying for a NOW Advance does not guarantee approval. Qualifications and restrictions apply and all applicants may not be eligible for NOW Advance. NOW Advance principal amounts offered are $500, 25%, 50% or 75% of the expected net tax refund amount, up to $9,500. NOW Advance loans have an APR of 28.38% based on a 45-day term. All NOW Advance loans have an origination fee. Refund Transfer fees may also apply. NOW Advances and PreAck NOW Advances may not be available with all tax software providers. NOW Advances are offered from January 3, 2022 – Feb 28, 2022.

Ask your tax preparer to tell you about other e-file options offered by the IRS. According to the IRS, using e-file is the best way to file an accurate return, and combining e-file with direct deposit is the fastest way to get your refund.

Ensure your community knows
you're offering advances

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