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The easiest way to service more taxpayers

You’ll attract taxpayers who can’t pay up front, but can pay later with their tax refund.

Offer More Payment Options With Refund Transfers
Offer More Payment Options With Refund Transfers

Works with the leading tax software

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Refund Transfer Payment Options

Increase your revenue
with payment options

A pay-by-refund option opens the door for more customers. Some taxpayers can’t pay upfront, forcing them to do it “free” elsewhere. This way, there’s no reason to wait, and we make sure you get paid.

Benefit 1: Refund transfers deliver high value (no upfront payment) and convenience for taxpayers looking to
file now. Position refund transfers as a way to ensure you never leave business on the table.

Benefit 2: Offering refund transfers is a simple and direct way to serve additional markets into your tax
business marketing strategy. You’ll still work with those who can pay upfront, but now, you can also create
messaging for those who can’t (diversify your strategy)

Benefit 3: A good refund transfer strategy (effective messaging) will increase referrals and word of mouth
engagement. Refund transfers have mass appeal because of the value it brings taxpayers, especially in low
income communities. Thus, making it something that can stick with people and spread throughout.

Instant Funding

Our goal is to ensure you get paid quickly. As soon as we collect your fees, we transfer them directly to your bank account.

Recover Your Tax Prep Fees With Refund Transfers

Compatible with any
tax software

Compatible with any tax software

Our platform works with the leading tax software, and all of our technology is built in-house. Doing so, allows us to be faster at creating solutions to your needs.

For our refund transfer service, we provide all the resources you need to properly enroll with your tax software. We are constantly working with our software partners to create tools that improve efficiency and speed.

Refund Transfers Are Compatible With Leading Tax Software

Starting Jan 2nd

We begin processing refund transfers and advances on Jan 2nd. Get ready to hit the ground running.

Low Fee of $39.95

We offer competitive pricing across the tax industry. In other words, simple pricing and no gimmicks.

How Refund Transfers work

With refund delays and confusion about how the
process works, here is a simple breakdown to make
sense of it all.
With refund delays and confusion about how the process works, here is a simple breakdown to make sense of it all.
How Refund Transfers Work

Learn how Refund Transfers
help grow your office

Marketing Refund Transfers Effectively

Our disbursement and
check cashing

Direct Deposit

Funds issues securely to your clients bank account.


Print check right from your tax office.

Prepaid Debit Card

Funds loaded securely into a pre-paid card.

Marketing kits and
strategies that turn heads

Refund Transfers Marketing Library

Marketing Library

Enroll in our Dashboard and access our library of refund transfer posts you can use on social media

Refund Transfers Direct Mail Marketing

Unique Displays

Access our unique marketing displays and  personalized postcards to stand out from competitors.

Refund Advance Marketing Strategy

Proven Strategies

Access our 2021 content strategy in our blog or reach out to us for more 1 on 1 marketing help.

Content Calendar: Choose from over 100 refund transfer posts to share on your social media pages. Consistency throughout the year is key in building a relationship with your customers, and if you’re constantly sharing valuable insight, you’ll always remain memorable.

Refund Transfer Flow: Our refund transfer flow focuses on a step by step process aimed to find and cultivate taxpayers in your community who prefer no upfront payment. We’ll help you identify who they are and get them through the door.

Proven Strategies: Look through our extensive library of strategies aimed to grow your tax business. We are constantly making updates and working with tax leaders to ensure you’re aware of the latest news affecting the tax industry.

How to market refund
transfers effectively

How to market refund transfers effectively

Grow Your Tax Business With Refund Transfers

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